Welcome to the online home of the Baltimore Unschooling Cooperative. We’re so glad you’re interested in our co-op. We are outside only for the 2023-2024 co-op year, continuing our emphasis on self-directed learning in nature!

We are NOT currently taking registrations for the 2023-2024 co-op year.

A message from Laura, our co-founder and director:

When my friend April and I started this co-op in 2016, we wanted a place for our homeschooled kids to grow up in a mixed-age, student-directed environment.  Since that didn’t exist at the time, we gathered together a few brave families and launched ourselves into something brand new. Neither of us could have predicted that 7 years later, our scrappy little co-op would have so many families returning for the co-op’s 8th year, with a vast list of families desperate to join and no room to accept them, even though we really wish we could welcome them all. There’s clearly a need for more co-ops like ours all over Maryland so let this be an encouragement to you to find some other families in your area and start your own!