Family Participation

The information below shows our normal family participation expectations (pre-Covid19). Here’s our virtual schedule for the 2020-2021 school year.

The Baltimore Unschooling Cooperative is built on family participation!  And as the name implies, our co-op is a community created in the spirit of mutual support.  

When you join our co-op, the following are expectations for ALL parents/guardians:    

  • Contribute to the safety of our members as well as guests – We expect there will be at least one parent be on every level of our facility as well as outside (assuming children are there).  All parents are expected to take turns covering these areas throughout the day. Please use common sense in safety matters. For example, if you see a student throwing rocks at others, please step in to intervene.  Perhaps ask the student to throw rocks in a different area. Likewise, if you see a student chopping veggies in a dangerous way, please step in to show them the proper technique. We understand everyone parents differently but if you witness a student engaging in a dangerous activity, use your best judgment and err on the side of caution until their parent can be informed.
  • Facilitate a rich learning environment – The unschooling philosophy does not equal indifference/inaction on the part of the parent. We encourage parents to participate when requested to by our students. For example, when students put on a show and ask parents to attend, please do.  Teach a child to play cards if they ask, or offer to teach something on our offerings board. We are all good at something and by offering to help and teach others, we create a diverse learning environment for all to share.
  • Assist in keeping the co-op clean and organized –Every member (both students and parents), is responsible for keeping the co-op clean and organized.  If you or your child(ren) get into an activity, it is your/your child(ren)’s responsibility to clean up and put things away properly.  This includes but is not limited to wiping down tables where you eat, washing your dishes, putting away art supplies, placing games in proper boxes, carrying items upstairs and storing in the proper location, cleaning out mud kitchen items, etc.

We are not a drop-off co-op.  If a student is on-site, a parent or legal guardian responsible for him/her must also be on site.