Family Participation

The Baltimore Unschooling Cooperative is built on family participation!  And as the name implies, our co-op is a community created in the spirit of mutual support.  

When you join our co-op, the following are expectations for ALL parents/guardians:    

  • Contribute to the safety of our members – You are responsible for ensuring the safety of your own children. In addition, please use common sense in safety matters. For example, if you see a student throwing rocks at others, please intervene.  Perhaps ask the student to throw in a different direction or otherwise redirect the activity so that all involved are safe.  We understand every family approaches parenting (and dangerous play) differently but if you witness a student engaging in a dangerous activity, use your best judgment and err on the side of caution until their parent can be found/informed. And if you don’t know what to do, ask for help!
  • Facilitate a rich learning environment – The unschooling philosophy does not equal indifference/inaction on the part of the parent. We encourage parents to participate when requested to by our students. For example, when the students put on a show and ask parents to attend, please do.  If a child asks you to visit their fort, please enthusiastically visit! Additionally, we are all good at something and by offering to help and teach others, we create a diverse learning environment for all to share.
  • Assist in keeping the outdoor spaces where we meet as clean as how we found them (if not cleaner!) – Every member (both students and parents) is responsible for keeping our outdoor spaces clean.  If you or your child(ren) get into an activity, it is your/your child(ren)’s responsibility to clean up and put things away properly.  This includes carrying away all trash that your family produces while at co-op. Even better, pick up trash that your family did not generate! Members will also be expected to follow all park rules. 

We are not a drop-off co-op.  If a student is on-site, a parent or legal guardian responsible for him/her must also be on site.