Unschooling Q&A

What is unschooling?

The term unschooling was first coined in the 1970’s by John Holt. Also known as self-directed learning, the fundamental premise is that children are naturally curious and thus innate learners. Unschooling allows children to deeply explore what interests them at their own pace. We believe self-directed learning in the real world prepares children for adulthood.

How will my child learn to read without a curriculum?

They will learn on their own when they are ready. When children find something interesting, they are more interested in learning it. Ours is a literate society. Reading and writing are necessary skills. Learning these skills at their own pace fosters positive attitudes about learning.

How will my child learn math?

They will learn math concepts from using numbers in daily situations- counting, sharing, money. Advanced math is a skill they will master as an interest/need for it arises.

Are unschoolers accepted into college?

Yes. As with all other interests, students will explore and prepare as needed to be accepted into college. In many ways, unschoolers are more prepared for college as they’ve spent their lives deeply exploring interests and studying independently. Because they often learn in mixed age groups, they are better able to express themselves freely and articulately.